About us

shipping, Gradina

 Service Logistic Puma shipping company is a Serbian-Bulgarian mixed capital company (with its head office on the Gradina border passage), which results in the office presence on the border crossings of both states (Gradina and Kalotina).  In addition to shipping services, Service Logistic Puma also provides services of international and domestic  transport.

Besides the offices on the Gradina border crossing, we also own offices on the Belgrade Customs Terminal, Sofia and Skoplje. Our shipping business maintains partnerships with the businesses on the crossings Batrovci, Horgos, and Kelebija, as well as the Kapikula crossing (TR) and Kapitan Andrejevo (BG).

The complete range of service that the client can be provided with is the following:

  • Production of transition documents (T1, T2, T2L, TIR i NT)
  • Mediation in the process of request production for all sorts of merchandise examinations (sanitary, market, veterinarian, and phytopathology examination)
  • Registration and customs warehouse merchandise storage
  • Merchandise customs clearance (obtainment of import/export documents, temporary import/export, merchandise re-exporting to the Gradina border crossing, in Belgrade and Sofia)
  • Merchandise reloading under customs surveillance
  • Usage of own international customs banking guarantee
  • Our company owns a public customs warehouse in Bulgaria

 We would especially emphasize the significance of the production of transition documents, in which we are the regional leaders. If the delivery destination for Your merchandise is in the EU, Turkey or Switzerland, with the he help of our own customs guarantee we ship Your merchandise to the desired destination.

   Our experienced team of authorized customs representatives, and our referents, are trained to handle all of the assignments in a highly professional manner, and in the quickest possible time.

 Our goal is to, according to legal extents, and maximal engagement of people and resources, justify the trust you have placed in us.

  Our clients know us for our speed and service quality, as well as the successful resolution of all transitional problems, which was confirmed by the assignment of the Certificate of trusted companies for the year 2016.

  In order to satisfy the needs of our clients, we’ve opened an exchange office at the Gradina border crossing. Mainly, drivers and passengers that find themselves on the border crossing territory are foreign citizens. It is a significant problem for them that they haven’t got a way to obtain a significant amount of domestic currency. The possibility of exchanging currency on the spot bares similar comparative advantages. While waiting, the drivers can exchange their currency to Dinars.

   Currency exchange on the border crossings also help the work of the state’s officials, since traffic violations are very common in traveller’s, as well as freight traffic. Thanks to the exchange office on the border crossing, the client doesn’t need to travel to the nearest town to exchange money, but is able to exchange it on the spot.