Shipping and impeccable merchandise transport are the basis of good business. For this you need a professional and well-timed service.

   Our shipping business makes a recognizable company profile which can be sensed on the outside, as well as on the inside. A high level of professionalism is displayed through above-average engagement, kindness and respect for the clients and coworkers. An exceptional identification through loyalty, readiness to learn and trust, makes  supreme results possible.

   Our goal is to make our clients exceptionally satisfied. This is why SERVICE LOGISTIC offers top quality of service. With the help of impeccable organization that knows no boundaries between countries, we’ve created the best conditions for over-the-average results. Our employees are characterized by competence and a solution-oriented approach. Always and everywhere, we strive towards improvement, proactively shaping the future.

Shipping, Service Logistic, Gradina, Kalotina

The full range of service we provide is the following:

  • Production of transition documents (T1, T2, T2L, TIR i NT)
  • Mediation in the process of request production for all sorts of merchandise examinations (sanitary, market, veterinarian, and phytopathology examination)
  • Registration and customs warehouse merchandise storage
  • Merchandise customs clearance (production of import/export documents, temporary import/export, merchandise re-exporting to the Gradina border crossing, in Belgrade and Sofia)
  • Merchandise reloading under customs surveillance
  • Usage of own international customs banking guarantee
  • Our company owns a public customs warehouse in Bulgaria

 We would especially emphasize the significance of the production of transition documents, in which we are the regional leaders. If the delivery destination for Your merchandise is in the EU, Turkey or Switzerland, with the he help of our own customs guarantee we ship Your merchandise to the desired destination.