T1 – T2 – T2L

T1 document

 Thanks to the fact that we own our own customs guarantee that is valid in the international transit system, we are able to offer you with the production of:

 The T1 document enables you uninterrupted transit to your final destination, with no need for opening additional transit documents. If the final destination of Your merchandise is in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, or any other EU country, Service Logistic Puma has an international banking guarantee at its disposal, and is able to provide a T1 document for directing of your merchandise (vehicle) to the desired customs office.

T1 document

 This also includes coordination with the Bulgarian part of our shipping, if additional services are needed: escorting your vehicle, reloading under customs surveillance, usage of our customs warehouse, production of the customs declaration and merchandise customs clearance, as well as all other necessary logistics that serve the safe treatment of Your merchandise, according to customs regulation.

T2 document

 If your merchandise is travelling from EU countries, we can provide you with a T2 document, and lead you across all the countries you will be passing through, until you reach our country, which significantly saves on transition time, and especially on the time spent on the border crossings.

 T2L document

 If your merchandise is travelling from the EU with this sort of document, we can complete for you the closure of the same, in a much simpler way, avoiding for you the additional hold upon entering the Republic of Bulgaria.